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2003 Events

Christmas Day Meals served to 50

Christmas Meal

The Salvation Army at Hythe Corps were hard at work on Christmas day as they, along with volunteer drivers and helpers, prepared, cooked, served, washed up, and entertained nearly 50 people from the district. The aim was to provide a friendly atmosphere where the Gospel could be practised, and a warm welcome awaited any person who was likely to be on their own onChristmas day, and liked the sound of having this sort of company.Everyone left happy, satisfied, and tired!

December 2003

Michael Howard QC MP was encouraged by Bandmaster Richard Carroll to lead our brass band as they played carols during a late night shopping event to which hundreds attended, the churches in Hythe evangelised, and as part of a nativity scene Mary (a.k.a. Captain Karen Layton)gave birth to a baby Jesus at the town hall.

December 2003

Michael Howard Band

A carol service in a barn!


The Southern England Rare Breeds Centre played host to the Salvation Army and its band from Hythe Corps in a barn filled with over 200 people, competing with the sort of farmyard noises you'd expect from the animals also present.The timbrel brigade gave a fine display, and in 'generation game' style members of the audience were given the chance to immitate the musicians, and then even more folk wanted to give it a go. Cold, but great fun with a serious message.

December 2003


The young people of Hythe Corps presented a fabulous carol service during which the traditional nativity play was performed, starring a guest appearance by 3 week old Harrison Carroll as baby Jesus. The youngsters were terrific, and also performed great songs timbrel items and humourous sketches for the occasion.

December 2003

P and T

The Parent & Toddler Group provided the 'ahhh' factor when the hall waspacked with both regulars visitors, parents and toddlers with the little ones dressing up for their Christmas carol service. As well as Christmas versions of 'Twinkle, twinkle little star they sang 'Away in a manger' beautifully in a service led by Captain Karen Layton.

December 2003


5 new members were welcomed into the spiritual family which is Hythe Corps.from left:Stuart & Adelaide Wythe, John Laurence, Doreen Poole, & Gill Abbottgave their testimonies, and provided favourite songs for the occasion.

Captain Phil Layton spoke of the delight of the Corps in accepting such wonderful people onto our roll.

October 2003


A Golf fundraiser was held as a part of the Corps 'pound scheme' as Bandmaster Richard Carroll drew together golfers from across the country and raised in excess of £300. Though competitive the day was goodfun for all concerned and concluded with a trophy ceremony and tasty meal.

September 2003

Croydon Band


The top quality Salvation Army band from Croydon Citadel had a busy weekend in Hythe as they marched around the town, played for the Mayor, performed concerts in the bandstand as well as indoors, and led Sunday worship. Not only was this a great boost for Hythe Corps, but the events attracted hundreds of locals too.

June 2003