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2006 Events

Christmas Day 2006

Christmas Day

This year over 50 meals were served as guests from the communities within Hythe, Dymchurch and Romney Marsh came on Christmas Day for food, friendship and some fun as well! The hall was full, adding to the festive atmosphere, and the small kitchen was humming with activity. The day started with a service of Christmas Praise at 11am, supported by Mayor of Hythe Councillor Neil Matthews. From the start all the guests, volunteers and other attendees got well into the meaning of the occasion before those staying for the day sat down for a 4-course dinner, followed by 'breath-taking' entertainment, and then transported home along with a bag of goodies. Captain Phil would like to thank everyone who made this day possible and so successful - you know who you are! - and wishes God's blessings upon you in 2007!

December 2006

Christmas Spectacular 2006

Hythe Spectacular

Hythe Corps moved their in door service out into the High Street for a third consecutive year by invitation of the Hythe Chamber of Commerce in order to commence their Family Fun Day in the presence of their Chairman, the Mayor of Hythe, and the local MP. With hundreds of folk either staying or drifting past within the space of 1 hour the Corps folk have found it to be an amazing opportunity which God has presented before us. Although it was extremely cold, and a rather early start, it was dry and sunny which encouraged many to stop and sing to the community carols and listen to the band led by Bandmaster Richard Carroll, then ponder a special Christmas message for the youngsters by Captain Karen Layton. The Songsters, whose leader Wes Carroll stage-managed the event, were a superb witness, not only in their musical message but also as a tool which drew attention to the unfolding nativity scene in the middle of the High Street, which consisted of some Corps Kidzone members, and a 6 month old baby laid in the manger called.....(wait for it)......Grace! Captain Phil Layton made use of the sensitive moment to challenge the onlookers to listen to what God may be saying to them this Christmas, clearly proclaiming the Gospel of Christ in the process. The whole event was a great success in terms of the Corps Mission, and complemented a series of Christmas articles written for the local paper while the Salvation Army has chairmanship of the district's Council of Churches.

December 2006

KidZone Carol Service (Sunday School)


The Salvation Army Sunday School (KidZone) in Hythe is terrific fun!...and this year's children's carol service reflected the fun and confidence of this important part of our church as Corps members and families came and supported the youngsters. Led by Wendy Margott, the service included a timbrel item, individual music solos, prayers, poems, a carol played by the young people's band, and a nativity play in traditional costume, with baby Grace playing the part of Jesus. KidZone is not only enjoying a time of growth numerically, but also in strength of friendships and confidence, and we pray that there will continue to be spiritual growth too as we aim "to know God, and to make God known".

December 2006

Another Full House for the Toddler Christmas Carol Service

P and T

We know what to expect in this service by now! Toddlers running about, with shouts, laughter, uncertainty, a traditionally dressed nativity scene complete with 3 month old baby Mia playing the part of Jesus, then a story, a present, many carols and a challenging Christmas message followed by mince pies and drinks all brought together within the perfect Toddler Christmas Carol Service led by Captain Karen Layton,and thoroughly enjoyed by all. There was an absolutely fantastic atmosphere, and once again the hall was packed (see photo).

December 2006

A Rather Posh Corps Bash!


What a fantastic way to end the 110th Corps Anniversary year (1896-2006)... After an incredibly effective year of celebration and praise, Roy & Patricia Whitewood organised a super treat for the Corps folk as we sat in the comfort of the Grand Hotel, Folkestone, for cream teas and sandwiches, generously offered by the Manager due to the links and hard work of the Whitewood's grandaughter, Natasha. Furthermore, Steve, the in-house pianist, played delightful music as we passed time away, nibbling and chatting, and baritone David Steed was also on hand to sing a few favourites too. Everyone joined in the spirit of things, visibly relaxed, if well dressed, and the whole afternoon was simply described by Captain Phil as "Perfect!"

November 2006

Unity on Remembrance Sunday

Remembrance Sunday

It has become a very meaningful and much anticipated tradition that the Salvation Army band, Hythe Corps, join with St Peter & St Paul's Church of England, Saltwood, to meet at the Saltwood war memorial on Remembrance Sunday. The band not only adds to the occasion through its ability to accompany outdoor hymns, but is also a testimony to the brave work of The Salvation Army during the world wars, and is still very much appreciated by those who believe that where there's a need, there's the Salvation Army. Saltwood Parish Priest, the Reverend Roger Martin said "Our Remembrance Sunday just seem to get better and better!"

November 2006

Hythe Corps Musicians visit Estonia Region!


An amazing, humbling, encouraging and God-glorifying experience! After a great deal of hard work, planning, and preparation spiritually and musically, our Band and Songsters had a terrific time with our fellow Salvationists in Estonia.

October 2006

Pre-Tour Concert for Estonia concludes the Annual Appeal

Pre Estonia Concert

A packed hall enjoyed an exciting programme under the title "Concert of Praise" in preparation for the Hythe band & songsters tour of Estonia at the end of the month. The songsters began with songs of adoration, encouragement, and praise, while the band played contrasting pieces before Wendy Margott gave a polished performance of the cornet solo "People need the Lord". Wendy was then joined by her sister Alyson Found for a scintillating timbrel display to "Emblem of the Army" - something rarely seen in Hythe nowadays! In the second half of the programme Terry Jackson was featured as the soloist with "Share my Yoke" as a prelude to a Bible message by Captain Phil Layton about "the purpose of life". The band then premiered its major work, written by Songster Leader Wes Carroll and called "Just a piece of music?". The theme delves behind the words to "Gentle Jesus meek and mild", with four parts; a childlike prayer, doubts & fears, rebellion and then acceptance and trust. The songsters brought the evening to a close with "Total Praise".The evening was also used as a "thank you" to the volunteers who collect for the Salvation Army's Annual Appeal, raising a magnificent £5006 which gets used 100% for the SA' social services, and also in appreciation to the sponsors of the sections' trip to Estonia.

October 2006

Hythe Corps Band in the Park & Harvest Celebrations


With the great story of David and Goliath as the theme, the Corps celebrated Harvest in a fun and friendly way involving the children from KidZone, while maintaing those traditonal elements which make the celebration so memorable. Then, in the afternoon, Bandmaster Richard Carroll compered a musical treat as the band performed on the local park's bandstand for the last live outdoor concert of the season. Interspersed with good humour, the music included solo items, devotional pieces, rousing, inspirational music and a tribute to the Last Night of the Proms, during which the flags were heartily waving!

September 2006

Hythe Corps Annual BBQ


For a 4th successive year members and friends of Hythe Corps had an evening of family fun and friendship as well as BBQ food in what has become a traditional social event at which everyone (except the cook) can relax. Due to very unsettled weather the outdoor event was brought into the main hall, where YPSM Wendy Margott kept the children entertained, Alyson Found provided some brainteasers, while everyone else either joined in, watched or just sat and talked.

September 2006

8 Peaks in 3 days!

8 peaks

Feeling exhausted, and foot-sore, but very satisfied, Captains Karen and Phil Layton (Hythe Corps) and YPSM Karen and Steve Chambers (Llanelli Corps) have returned from an 8-peak challenge in the Lake District. As part of a successful fundraising effort for the respective Corps they climbed England's 8 highest mountain peaks (the only ones over 3000ft) within 3 consecutive days on 27th-29th July, managing to 'bag' some other minor peaks in the process. The team have been training hard all year, and confess that the 3 days' of climbing, which covered over 20 miles horizontally accumulated over 23 hours, was very hard work, with painful and often quite scary moments too, and once or twice doubts arose as to the wisdom of continuing. But England's 8 highest summits were eventually conquered within the time-limit, helped along by perfect weather as the cold wind and clouds contrasted to the heat wave being experienced at ground level. The views were fantastic, occasionally blocked only by an Army flag! Between them the team raised around £1500.

July 2006

Hythe Corps & New Romney Methodists Unite

New Romney

Over a period of 18 years The Salvation Army band from Hythe Corps, led by Bandmaster Richard Carroll, has presented an annual Songs of Praise at the New Romney Methodist Church, and this year the hot weather did not deter the tradition from continuing! The two churches have good friendships, with the methodist Church supporting the War Cry ministry in New Romney, as well as often coming to support the monthly Songs of Praise evenings in Hythe. The outdoor evening of good humoured singing and playing, along with a message about God's "Majesty", ended with a cup of tea together in the shade of the hall.

July 2006

Wednesday fellowship 2006 Garden Party

WF 2006 WF 2006

As the Wednesday Fellowship drew to a close for the month of August, members met for a cream tea in the Captains' garden. Talented bakers made scones for the occasion, and the weather hit incredible heights making us think of different ways to create adequate shade. It was a perfect day for the garden party, which is an annual tradition for the club. **Once folk had started making their way home, however, some of the helpers took the opportunity to have some fun (see photo!)**

July 2006

110th Anniversary Celebration of Young People At Hythe Corps


Swiftly following the more 'grown-up' nature of the 110th anniversary concert, Justin Reeves, editor of the weekly Salvation Army magazine for children 'Kids Alive!', came to Hythe Corps to lead a service designed completely for the KidZone (3-12yrs) which meets each week here for 90 minutes which includes refreshments, a Sunday school format, followed by games. The special service was perfect, engaging the youngsters with a series of short illustrations and action-choruses which, through their simplicity, gave the adults a different perspective on things too. Following the service KidZone and its leaders went to a nearby park for games, followed by a specially prepared Sunday dinner awaiting them back at the hall!

July 2006

Corps Cycle & Picnic

Cycle Ride

Following the excitement and busyness of a fantastic 110th anniversary concert, members of Hythe Corps got together for a gentle bicycle ride along Hythe's Royal Military Canal, meeting with non-cyclists at a rendez-vous point for drinks and sandwiches. Just the perfect way to enjoy each other's company, as well as some of the beauty of Hythe, while getting some exercise too!

July 2006

Hythe Corps 110th Anniversary Celebrations with special guests Commissioners John & Elizabeth Matear

110 celebration

The celebrations started on the Saturday evening with an anniversary concert at which Commissioners Matear were warmly welcomed to the London South-East Division by Divisional Commander Major Anthony Cotterill, as this was their first official engagement in this division. The concert was developed by Songster Leader Wes Carroll (Hythe) who inspired the theme of ‘Looking Back, Looking Now, Looking Forward’ so as to show respect and understanding of where Hythe Corps has been, and to illustrate where it is at now, whilst the Territorial Commander then spoke on how God teaches us through His Word, an adherence to which will keep us steady in the future as we look ahead of us. The atmosphere was set by the opening item, “Holy Ground”, for which Folkestone Songsters united with Hythe Songsters and the Shepway Gospel Choir to instil a consecration of the Grammar school hall and an awareness of what the whole evening was to be about. Hythe Corps band played several times according to the era being represented, and as an integral part of the current worship and mission they played 'Reflections in Praise', an arrangement by SL Wes Carroll of the hymn tunes 'Abide with me' and 'Deep harmony' which was a suitable introduction to the TC's message on 'Looking Forward'. However, one of the greatest thrills was to hear the Shepway Gospel Choir perform four songs; ‘You raise me up’, ‘You are holy’, ‘My soul loves Jesus’, and ‘Give God the glory’. This group is the result of a Corps initiative to reach out to local youth who love to sing, the vast majority of whom do not attend a place of worship, and to hear them practice within Hythe Salvation Army hall once per month often becomes a means of worship in itself. The evening as a whole was varied as the items brought us from the beginnings of Hythe Corps up to considering what God wills for the future, and in conclusion it was fitting for the Gospel Choir to follow the Founder’s song with a lively reprise of ‘Give God the Glory!’ to which the audience joined in.

Dedication of Grace Elizabeth Carroll


The latest gorgeous baby to be dedicated at Hythe Corps was Grace Elizabeth, daughter of Shauna and Wesley, in front of a packed hall of family members, close friends, and her spiritual family within the Corps fellowship too. As Wes and Shauna made promises to do their best to nurture Grace in all that is Christ-centred and God-honouring, the whole congregation stood in support and as an encouragement to know that this precious life will be prayed for and cherished by all. The Gospel Youth Choir, which Wes leads, sang in celebration of the new life, and Grace's brother, Harrison, was very happy to be a part of the ceremony too.

June 2006

Bexleyheath Salvation Army Brass Band


As a "Thank You" to the community of Hythe and the surrounding districts Bandmasters Richard Carroll and Derek Kane organised the visit of the brass band from The Salvation Army at Bexleyheath Corps. As well as an event to show gratitude, the weekend brought good music, a good friendships, and opportunities to engage with the good folk who came to listen. The weather for the weekend was simply superb, enabling unhindered parades throughout the High Street and among the houses, 2 bandstand events, and a mini-concert outside the Town Hall and another one on the seafront - the first in many years. At each of these outreach events many people lined the streets and well over 200 came to the Sunday bandstand. In addition the band performed a Saturday night festival at the Methodist Church and led the morning service at the Hythe Corps, Portland Road. The Mayor provided a civic welcome in which the mutual understanding and bond between the local Corps and the community was emphasised. A great deal of work and preparation went into the event both at Bexleyheath and at Hythe (with the Captain's sincere thanks to all involved), but the result was a God-glorifying weekend of fine music and evangelistic opportunities...which were taken!

June 2006

Good Friday Inter-Church Outdoor Service 2006

Good Fiday

On Good Friday, as per tradition, the Churches of Hythe met together for a joint outdoor service in Hythe Town Square. Bandmaster Richard Carroll led a silent walk of witness by beating his drum, drawing attention to the cross being carried as a reminder of the day's special significance. Then, half-way down the High Street, the Salvation Army band's beautiful melodies drifted through the crowds and into the hearts of worshippers, sending a tingle down the spine. Once at the Town Square, the worshippers, who came out in good numbers, congregated around the large cross, under which the band played, which in itself evoked plenty of meaning and power. As a part of the service, Captain Phil Layton preached on Jesus' words from the cross "It is finished!" - challenging all to rely on nothing but the blood of Christ to save us. Many folk felt that this service was one of the most effective of its kind in many years, but following refreshments back at the Corps, a most powerful and Spirit-filled hour of devotion was spent using Scripture, song, piano ministry, monologue, and multimedia presentations. The atmosphere was spiritually charged, people were broken in gratitude for what Christ did for us on the cross, the mercy seat was used, and with the presence of the Holy Spirit still evident the pianist sensitively continued to play as the congregation gradually departed.

April 2006

A Passover Meal at Hythe Corps

Corps Passover Corps Passover

This Easter, as a part of the ongoing 110th Anniversary celebrations, Corps folk and friends gathered together to learn about the Passover Meal which is so intrinsic to the Jewish faith (remembering their deliverance from Egyptian slavery), but also very significant to our Christian beliefs too, as it foretold the death of Christ. As a Corps social event, Pastor Gerry Cohen, a Messianic Jew (BMJA), provided the context, hymns, food and utensils to guide us through this important meal which Jesus Himself would have observed, and which indeed was the reason for His eating the 'Last Supper' with His disciples. Pastor Cohen noted the fact that all who ate the original 'Last Supper' were Jews, and that it is uncertain whether Jesus' words - to eat the bread in remembrance of Him - were intended for non-Jewish followers. The evening provided warm and relaxed company with sound teaching while we ate the Passover together and remembered Christ's love for us.

April 2006

We're back in our Worship Hall!

Hall Improvements

You still get the same wonderful welcome at Hythe Corps!" This was just one of the many encouraging comments made when our hall was back in use for the first time since major renovations, including disabled access, new toilets, rewiring and redecoration. The occasion coincided with Mothering Sunday, and the Worship hall was packed on this double celebration.

March 2006

4th Annual United Concert Celebrates 100 years of Hythe Salvation Army Band

United Concert 2006 United Concert 2006 United Concert 2006 United Concert 2006

In a year which celebrates both the 110th anniversary of Hythe Corps, and the Centenary of its band, Richard Carroll, who has been the bandmaster for over 23 years, arranged the 4th Annual United Bands Concert featuring 'easy listening music' from Hythe Town Concert Band, and 'music with a message' from the Hythe Corps Band. As usual, these sections were extremely well received by the audience which included the Admiral Lord Boyce, Lord Warden of the Cinque Ports, the Mayor of Hythe, and Chair of the Hythe Chamber of Commerce amongst several hundred other supporters. However, the buzz throughout the evening was concerning the Shepway Gospel Youth Choir, a recent initiative from Hythe Corps which is focused on 11-25 year-olds from all backgrounds who simply love to sing. Most of the members had never set foot inside Hythe Corps before, but now meet there regularly to sing about Jesus and become comfortable with our style and purpose. The idea came from Songster Leader Wes Carroll who manages, directs, and accompanies the group, giving their inaugural performance at the united concert with 4 Gospel songs. It was absolutely fantastic - and we now look forward to their next performance when the Territorial Leaders come to Hythe on July 8th/9th.

March 2006

Young People's Annual Prize-giving


On this wonderful morning the school hall was packed with supporters and families of our young folk, encouraging them and celebrating what God is doing for and through their lives. "Prizes" were given to the children such as Christian books, puzzles and DVDs which we hope will be refered to time and time again as they grow in the faith of Jesus Christ.

February 2006

We're in the school!

School Hall

As hall improvements are being carried out at Hythe Corps, including better disabled access, new toilets, re-wiring and decoration, all its Sunday attendees have started worshipping in the school next door! The school has been very generous in letting us use their premises, and the spirit of salvationism was brought along with the people (as shown in the photo), proving that the body of Christ is not in the buildings, but in the people!

January 2006