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2012 Events

2 more answers to prayer!

The Salvation Army Paul Marshall Michael Barman

Our church is like a spiritual family.
We all have different backgrounds, from a range of ages, different jobs, different interests, but our faith is in the same Saviour, Jesus Christ, and our services reflect the warmth of friendship, encouragement, and support with one another as we seek to deepen our relationship with God in this Bible-believing, music-loving, Christ-centred, relaxed-yet-reverent church.

You don't have to be a member to come along to our services - they are for absolutely anyone who enjoys our style of worship!

Each person who comes through the doors is an answer to prayer, as we have been praying as a church for God to send people in to learn more about Him, and to enrich our lives by getting to know them.

This photo shows 2 more answers to prayer, Paul Marshall and Michael Barman, who have made The Salvation Army their church!

November 2012

Christmas Sale & Coffee Morning

Christmas Sale Salvation Army

Richard Carroll took the lead once again in approaching local businesses and shops in search of donations of money or quality items to be sold at our annual Christmas Sale and Coffee morning.

The result was a great success where our doors were open to welcome the community into a space where they could buy Christmas gifts, homemade cakes, personalised music CDs, sweets, face painting, and a beat the goalie competition.

No wonder Lucas (left) needed to recharge his batteries after all the excitement!

It was fantastic to see all the support for the work of the local Salvation Army, and to have a chance to have coffee and sausage rolls too.

November 2012

Remembrance Sunday 2012

The Salvation Army Remembrance Day

While within our church we held our annual Remembrance Sunday service, our congregation was also found scattered across the community at various other War Memorials, hopefully portraying a terrific witness to our faith as well as appreciating the opportunity to pay our respects to those who have given their lives for the freedom we enjoy today.

Maureen Jones, daughter of our church member Joan Clemens, wrote this poignant verse for such an occasion, entitled: Memorial

They built a new memorial, (the proper thing to do)
To those who died in conflict since the end of World War Two.
They left the empty spaces for all those future wars,
So many empty places, for my child or for yours.

The photo includes Terry on cornet, who played the Last Post and Rouse at Saltwood War Memorial, where the band both accompanied songs and created the perfectly sensitive and sanctified atmosphere for the outdoor service.

November 2012

Harvest, and the Day of Trumpets!

Harvest Shofar Rosh Hashanah Feast Day of Trumpets @ The Salvation Army Football Club - Youth

During our traditional Harvest service we returned to our series looking at the Feasts of Israel.

Today marks Rosh Hashanah, the New Year in the Jewish calendar which is celebrated with the blowing of the shofar - the day of trumpets.

Click here to see one of the church children trying it out!

We studied the prophetic nature of the feast and how it reminds us to look forward to the end-time harvest of souls - when Jesus returns for His church - known as the Rapture.

September 2012

Our 10th annual church BBQ...this time with the ultimate risk-assessment!

The Salvation Army 10th Annual Church BBQ

Following a morning service in which the church studied the duel of Elijah against the 450 prophets of Baal, in which God burnt up Elijah's bull and its altar with fire from heaven, we met again in the afternoon rather aptly for our annual church BBQ.

It was another opportunity for the church to get together in an informal setting, enjoying good food and good company, relaxed in the knowledge that Paul Marshall, one of our church members, is also a member of the Fire Service, and in this role he was able to supervise Bandmaster Richard Carroll as the food was cooked.

The Bandmaster's reputation clearly preceded him.

The event also provided the chance to chat with folk who had been invited from around the community, so that they could get to know the church folk a bit better and associate being a Christian with normal, enjoyable events such as having a decent BBQ!

September 2012

Salvation Army Football Club - Youth Team

The Salvation Army Football Club - Youth

Some members of our youth football club were again invited to play on a Saturday against a team of boys in neighbouring New Romney - a chance for some good fun in excellent company wearing brand new football shirts!

The team captain on this occasion was Louis Pares, and, despite playing against a slightly older team, our players ran their proverbial socks off and through hard work, great skill, and a superb team spirit, they came through with a 10-6 victory!

In every way they represented our church perfectly, both on and off the pitch, and we are so very proud of them!

August 2012

SAFC Pre-Season Training Games with Hythe Bay

The Salvation Army Football Club and Hythe Bay

Throughout the summer the parent/footballers from Hythe Bay School met regularly with our senior squad to have some training games.

This is proving to be excellent for fitness, touch on the ball, learning each other's names (!) and getting used to the grass surface again before our preseason friendlies and ultimately the season kicking-off again in September.

Hythe Bay always present us with a tough test, but these sessions are played with great friendliness and care to avoid injuries!

When lacking players, one side tends to 'loan' players to the other team, such is the nature of these games.

My sincere thanks to all who help make these sessions possible.

July/August 2012

Salvation Army Football Club - Youth Team

The Salvation Army Football Club - Youth

Some members of our youth football club, which meets after church on Sundays, were invited to play on a Saturday against a team of boys of a similar age in neighbouring New Romney - a chance for some good fun in excellent company wearing brand new football shirts!

The team captain on this occasion was Harrison Carroll (holding the ball), and, despite being 2-5 down at half-time, the boys kept playing the beautiful game and finished 6-5 winners!

The two teams then played a less formal game to strengthen the friendships between the two groups before returning home hot but happy :)

In every way they represented our church perfectly, both on and off the pitch, and we are so very proud of them!

July 2012

Olympic Opportunities!

As the Olympic torch was carried through Hythe it presented our church with an opportunity to provide a Christian presence in the celebrations with Gospel music from the brass band, church members mingling with the crowds, and around 400 special Olympic editions of our weekly Christian magazines being handed out too!

The actual passing of the torch bearer was extremely brief...but the atmosphere was superb as we patiently waited in the rather gusty weather.

This short video gives you a glimpse of what it was like!

July 2012

Cream Tea is washed into the Ark!

The Salvation Army Hythe Wednesday Club

With areas of the country being flooded during our British summer, Hythe didn't escape a deluge or two and unfortunately our traditional garden cream tea had to be relocated into our church hall :(

Never-the-less, the tables were beautifully laid out, the background music created the atmosphere, a few jokes and brain teasers were delivered throughout the afternoon and among the refreshments were some absolutely gorgeous homemade scones cooked by church member Patricia Whitewood and served with the help of husband Roy :)

It marked the end of another fun year with the Wednesday Club which has recently grown in size...but with many chairs still available for any folk who are young at heart!

July 2012

Parent & Toddlers are among the Rare Breeds!

The Salvation Army Parent & Toddler Group Rare Breeds Centre

The Salvation Army church at Hythe runs two very popular Parent & Toddler groups on Monday and Tuesday mornings, term-time.

They provide good quality, clean toys on soft carpeted floor with time for drinks, singing, playing and learning social skills while the parents have a chance to discuss and swap parenting ideas.

The groups are led by captain Karen Layton with a small, friendly, and efficient team of volunteers, and at the end of each summer session the groups are taken on an outing, this year visitng the Rare Breeds Centre in Woodchurch.

July 2012

Singing at Saltwood School...Salvation Army-style!

The Salvation Army at Saltwood School

When the Executive Headteacher (Mrs Pettersen) at Saltwood Church of England Primary School asked whether The Salvation Army could offer some help teaching the pupils new songs and providing a couple of mass singing lessons we were delighted to respond!

Within our church we may not be the best of singers (speaking for myself!)...but we sing with our hearts and make a sincere and joyful noise in worship, and so when our Gospel Choir Music Director Wes Carroll offered to help in this way we knew that the children would not only enjoy his style of teaching (and he is a school-teacher), but also get a glimpse of how we worship too, hopefully challenging one or two stereotypes about what church is like.

Furthermore, Wes used the opportunity to explain the meaning behind the songs, including teaching on how Jesus is our solid Rock, our firm foundation through life and beyond which stands the test of time and adversity.

Thank you Mrs Pettersen, Wes, and Saltwood school for this wonderful opportunity!

July 2012

Fun in the Park!

The Salvation Army, Cheriton Baptist Church and South Kent Community Church

The Salvation Army, Cheriton Baptist Church, and South Kent Community Church are evangelical Christian churches which are Bible-believing, Christ-centred, reverent yet relaxed, music-loving, fun and friendly too!

We came together on this special occasion to enjoy each others company, and to let the people of our local community know what we are about because being a Christian is not about going to a church each Sunday, its simply about having a relationship with God through trusting in Jesus Christ.

We believe that the subjects of God, Jesus, the Bible, life, death, and eternity are incredibly important ones that affect every individual.

Our hope and prayer was that through the day's music, puppetry, football, face-painting, canoeing, bouncy castles and refreshments our community will gain the confidence to know that we are here if you would like to talk or find more information about any of these issues either on the day or any time in the future.

July 2012

Armed Forces Day

Hythe Salvation Army Band at the War Memorial for Armed Forces Day

The Salvation Army were invited to take part in a short service for the Armed Forces Day, where our band accompanied hymns, played the Last Post and Reveille, and other suitable music at the War Memorial along Hythe Canal.

It was a privilege to show our respects in this way, as the service remembers all those who have fought, and are still fighting, within the Armed Forces.

June 2012

3 More Adherents!

Marion Pitchacaren, Beryl Kearl, & Ruth Hickey enrolled as Adherents @ Hythe Salvation Army

Amidst a special Diamond Jubilee Service, in which we thanked God for the Queen and focused on the need to be worship the King of Kings and be in His Kingdom, we also celebrated as 3 more members of our congregation decided to formalise their membership of The Salvation Army; Marion Pitchacaren, Beryl Kearl, and Ruth Hickey.

An Adherent is someone who trusts in Jesus Christ as Lord and Saviour, and sympathises with the Salvation Army's mission. In many ways it formalises a person's membership, although everyone who comes along to our church 'belongs'.

Our congregation is made up of about 75 people, typically including 12 children, 25 Salvationists (some in uniform), 15 Adherents, and another 20 or more who simply like worshipping with us and belonging to our church family.

June 2012

Diamond Jubilee Music at the Castle

Hythe Salvation Army Band at Saltwood Castle for Diamond Jubilee

On the Monday of the Diamond Jubilee weekend Hythe Salvation Army Band were invited to play in the grounds of Saltwood Castle by the owner, Lady Clark.

Competing with a Punch & Judy show and Morris Dancers, the members of the band were glad to use this opportunity to preach the Gospel through their music.

June 2012

God tells Paul what to do!

Paul Marshall enrolled as Adherent @ Hythe Salvation Army FC

The whole church family listened with awe and praise to God as Paul Marshall was enrolled as an Adherent member of The Salvation Army, and gave his testimony about the amazing way in which God told him to go to our church in order to strengthen his faith.

An Adherent is someone who trusts in Jesus Christ as Lord and Saviour, and sympathises with the Salvation Army's mission. In many ways it formalises a person's membership, although everyone who comes along to our church 'belongs'.

Our congregation is made up of about 75 people, typically including 12 children, 25 Salvationists (some in uniform), 15 Adherents, and another 20 or more who simply like worshipping with us and belonging to our church family.

May 2012

Football Sunday Award Service

Hythe Salvation Army Football Sunday Awards Service

As per tradition our football season ended with an awards service in which players were presented with a trophy and publically thanked for their fair play, good langauge and high standards during the season as they represented our church.

Some members of the youth football club as well as some senior team members are pictured with their trophies, within a hall decorated with (clean) shirts.

The service itself was themed "The Winning Team" and focused on the idea that placing your trust in God means that ultimately we are on the winning side and need not fear whatever the future holds.

May 2012

London Churches Football Tournament with Ambassadors in Sport

Hythe Salvation Army FC @ London Churches Football Tournament - Ambassadors in sport

Among 32 teams competing at the London Soccerdome, Hythe Salvation Army FC played some good football finishing 2nd in their group which earned them qualification into the Cup Competition, where they finally were beaten 8-7 on penalties.

The event was perfect in every way; good football, great venue, and excellent company, as well as another chance for the Gospel message to be presented during the lunchbreak (see collage).

The 6-a-side tournament was a suitable end to the East Kent Church League season for the guys who had been so faithful in their fair play and loyal to our church team throughout the season.

May 2012

The Dedication Ceremony of Lucas John Carroll

Dedication Ceremony Hythe Salvation Army Lucas Carroll

It was another reason to celebrate as Lucas was officially welcomed into the church family.

His parents, Shauna & Wes Carroll, made promises to raise Lucas according to Christian beliefs and morals, and give him the best possible opportunity to get to know Jesus Christ as his personal friend and Saviour.

They were supported by Lucas' Godparents Pete & Leo Bardwell with their children, Molly, Luca and Theo, and the whole church family stood to signify their encouragement for Lucas - who was extremely well behaved throughout the entire service!

Captain Phil made mention of how privileged we are to have so many children included within our times of worship, and how nice it is to hear their voices among the congregation -to God be the glory!

May 2012

Virgin London Marathon 2012 Fundraising Challenge

Thank you so much to all supporters of The Salvation Army for your very kind sponsorship for this years challenge of completing the Virgin 2012 London marathon.

It is, of course, an Olympic Year and so it made the occasion extra special. Captain Phil finished the course in 4hours 17minutes, which is 6 minutes faster than last year.

The aches and pains will eventually disappear, but our gratitude for the goodwill and support will remain.

Thank you once again for your support, and for helping us to make a difference within the communities in which we serve throughout Hythe, Saltwood, Dymchurch, Lympne and Romney Marsh.

May God bless you!

Click the link to watch the videos

April 2012

The Olympic Torch and Prayer Scroll arrives at Hythe Salvation Army

The Olympic Torch and Prayer Scroll @ The Salvation Army

An Olympic Torch and an accompanying Prayer Scroll has been sent around all Salvation Army churches and centres in the South East of the UK, and when it came through Hythe Richard Carroll encouraged our congregation to read the prayers on the scroll and to add our own church prayers to it, before the scroll and torch were to be passed along to our Salvation Army in Hastings.

Aimee Margott designed a suitable motif for the scroll and Carol Dowsett, Adam Davey, and Margarita Layton are all pictured holding the Olympic Torch....well, a version of it anyway.

April 2012

Sainsbury's help the Hythe Salvation Army

Sainsburys Hythe with some Salvation Army Footballers Hythe Salvation Army Band @ Hythe Sainsburys

What a fantastic opportunity we were given by Hythe Sainsbury's when they first of all offered to contribute toward the cost of new football shirts for our football club...then they offered us a morning to collect outside their store to raise funds toward our work within the community...and then the icing on the cake was an invitation for our brass band to play easy-listening music for the customers and staff to enjoy during the same Saturday morning!

The whole event started thanks to the initiative of one of our senior footballers, Sam Matthews, who contacted the Public Relations officer at the store, Justine. Sam then handed over the details to Captin Phil Layton and Maria Smith took on the PR role at the store, and the final result was a fabulous morning.

Some of the footballers were able to attend and pose in the new tops for a press photograph, but we were particularly pleased with the amount of interest and goodwill between members of our church and the customers and staff, which virtually turned the music into an outdoor concert!

We sincerely hope that this is an event that may well be repeated!

Thank you to the band, collectors, footballers...and thank you Sainsbury's!!!

April 2012

Good Friday Worship

Good Friday Service at The Salvation Army with SKCC and CBC

It was a beautiful time of worship, thanksgiving, contemplation, and devotion as members of the South Kent Community Church (SKCC) and the Cheriton Baptist Church, among others, came and joined us for the Good Friday service.

The service was aimed at simply drawing us closer in our relationship with God, through considering His crucifixion and the story of His eternal scars and how they speak of our eternal salvation.

April 2012

The Messiah in the Passover Meal

Passover Meal 2012

Thank you! all who made the Passover Meal such a great success this week, from the planning, shopping, cooking, preparation of food, and clearing up again afterward!...the attendance was excellent, the kids were superb, and it was a terrific evening of being together, eating in fellowship, and learning more about the Messianic meaning behind the annual Jewish meal which also became the Last Supper.

It is sometimes tempting to forget the context of the Last Supper - a Jewish setting, wherein the Jewish Messiah ate the Jewish Passover Meal with His Jewish disciples - and when we have this setting established then we can recognise how the meal itself was prophetic in nature, and how Jesus' words at this meal can also be understood within this Jewish context, giving many a renewed freedom in our Christian faith.

Fiona Sorbala from Chosen People Ministries came and presented the evening, which for many was their first Passover meal, but ideas have already arisen as to how we could repeat this meal again in a new way within a few years.

April 2012

10/10 for The Hythe Salvation Army Band!

Salvation Army Hythe Band Concert Town Band

It was the 10th annual united bands concert - featuring our own brass band, the Shepway Community Gospel Choir, and the Hythe Town Concert band.

We may be bias (?) but on the night our performance was superb - with a perfect variety of pieces chosen, led, and compered by Bandmaster Richard Carroll, reaching a climax with 'Reflections in Praise' which was introduced with a Gospel shot for the evening and associated with these words:

'Peace, perfect peace God gives to me
through faith in Christ at Calvary
One day His face I'll gladly see
Praise Him through all eternity'

The Shepway Community Gospel Choir, led by Wesley Carroll, then sang a set of songs which added a delightful contrast to the evening, and guest soloists Josh Pounds (vocal) and Nathan Cripps (tuba) were in good form, capturing the audience with their respective talents.

March 2012

Mothering Sunday

Mothering Sunday 2012

It had all the traditional Mothering Sunday ingredients, and yet was full of love, laughter, hugs and flowers for all the Mums present as we gave thanks to God for the influence and care shown by our Mums.

The importance of spiritual nurture, in addition to physical and emotional care, was emphasised for Mums and Dads, but also for all who have responsibilities and influence over other folk.

March 2012

Another Junior Soldier at The Salvaton Army

Salvation Army Hythe New Junior Soldier

It was another occasion for our church family to celebrate as Kacey-Anne Margott decided to become enrolled as Junior Soldiers of The Salvation Army!

The decision is a public profession of faith in which, after careful preparation classes, Kacey made the following promise:

Having asked God for forgiveness,
I will be His loving and obedient child.
Because Jesus is my Saviour from sin,
I will trust Him to keep me good,
and will try to help others to follow Him.
I promise to pray, to read my Bible and, by His help,
to lead a life that is clean in thought,
word and deed.
The theme for worship asked the congregation to think about the effect their lives, words, deeds, and faith can have on other people around them.

March 2012

Thank you Wendy!

Wendy Margott

After 8 years of being the team leader of the Hythe Salvation Army KidZone, the church - and in particular the children - said a huge "Thank you!" as Wendy Margott steps aside for a well-deserved rest, and hands over the reigns to Maggie MacArthur.

Wendy has brought bags of enthusiasm, talent, and ideas into the role over these years, all of which has taken time and effort but been thoroughly worthwhile and productive in the young lives and characters she has helped to influence.

The mixture of love, patience and desire to see youngsters learn more about the Bible and Jesus, is a mission which may alter in presentation over the years, but has always been - and will continue to be - the mission of Hythe Salvation Army KidZone.

March 2012

KidZone Annual Prizegiving Service

Salvation Army Hythe KidZone

There was a lovely buzz of support and encouragement within the church as Captain Lynne Clifton (Divisional Youth Officer) came and led a service aimed specifically at the kids who had gathered for the annual KidZone Prizegiving.

The KidZone is for any child aged between 3yrs and 13yrs...based on a mixture of crafts, games, refreshments, Christian teaching and - for the older ones - a cycle club. Each year we hold this special service to demonstrate our love and support to them.

March 2012

Salvation Army Youth Football Club(8 - 15 yrs)

Hythe Salvation Army Youth Football Club

The youth football club for young boys and girls (and their dads!) meets each Sunday on the Hythe Green from 1:15pm - 2:15pm for pure, fun, football...and the club is growing!

It is not necessary to be a Christian or to belong to our church to attend...and it's free!...but it does mean that all players and their parents can be kept in touch with our local church and we are always so pleased to see members of the football club pop into our friendly church services from time to time.

March 2012