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2014 Events

Christmas Spectacular

The 2nd Annual Christmas Spectacular certainly lived up to its name, featuring the Hythe Band & Songsters of The Salvation Army and their guests The Ashford Sinfonia, Shepway Community Choir , soloist Steve Hawkins, Wesley Carroll piano/musical director, and the Hythe Junior Timbrels.

The theatre, a former Garrison Church lends itself to the sound of music especially audience participation, encouraged by compere Richard Carroll. And the auditorium sparkled with nearly 400 twinkly candles, a stunning sight the brain child of Lt Callum.

Lt Berri McKenna gave the appeal which resulted in a very generous collection shared between the theatre (there was no charge for the use of the theatre or the tickets) and the Salvation Army’s work in Hythe & Romney Marsh.

Lt Callum McKenna delivered a very novel, interesting yet powerful Christmas Message, before the very rafters vibrated to the entire company and audience singing with great gusto, O come all ye faithful.

December 2014

Christmas Carolling Events

Our Christmas Carolling programme commenced with a visit to Homepeke, and a few days later, Captains Court, two retirement homes. Inbetween the band were "centre stage" for the Late Night Shopping event organised by the Hythe Chamber of Commerce.

The next day, the band played outside Sainsbury Supermarket, a very busy store.

Our church hosted two Carol Services, the Parent & Toddlers and Kidzone. On both occasions the hall was packed. The P&T's service was it's usual glorious mayhem with little children being chased by shiny faced parents - the children didn't want to be caught, this was their big day dressed in a variety of Christmas related costumes, Lt Berri provided an ideal message.

The young people of Kidzone provided an excellent programme with everyone taking part and playing their part magnificently, with solo, readings, a rock & roll dance, and much more.

The Christmas message resounded in the High Street on Saturday mornings attracting a lot of listeners and the public where very generous. The Christmas message was also heard on Saltwood Village Green

Lympne Castle a wonderful setting

and Appledore

The Hythe Active Retirement Association book Bandmaster Richard Carroll to conduct their Christmas meeting which is held in the United Reformed Church, every year. This year Wendy Margott helped playing the piano and singing two solo's. They take up a collection for the SA.

Christmas day is always a special day here at Hythe with the corps/church providing a special day for those who would otherwise spend Christmas on their own. Lieutenants Callum & Berri worked really hard to make sure that everyone had a great day. The day starts with a short service for all, with our guests having been ferried in by a fleet of volunteers. The service is followed by a four course meal and entertainment before they are taken home again with a packed tea and a lovely Christmas present. This year we catered for more than 50 people.

December 2014

Dedication of Bethany Rose Carroll

Daughter of Songster Leader Wesley & Junior Soldier Sergeant Shauna Carroll. Conducted by Captains Phil & Karen Layton. Also in the photo are Bethany's elder siblings Harrison, Grace & Lucas.

October 2014

Harvest Festival - Part 2

Harvest 2 Harvest 1 Harvest 3 Harvest 7 Harvest 8 Harvest 9

Our Sunday worship also included the dedication of 100 new chairs, funded partially by contributions from the Community Funds of Shepway District Councillors Stan Hayward and Paul Peacock. There was a very colourful and plentiful display, and Callum & Berri guided us through a time of reflection, wonder and joyfulness at God's goodness too us.

October 2014

Harvest Festival - Part 1

Harvest 4 Harvest 5 Harvest 6

The 2014 Harvest celebrations, commenced with a super Harvest Supper! With excellent food, excellent company with lots of laughter, the excellent Bexleyheath Brass group, and several quiz rounds. A collection was taken towards the Bexleyheath Hall Fund.

October 2014

Garden Party & House Warming

Garden Party 3 GardenParty2 GardenParty1 GardenParty4 GardenParty5.JPG

Callum & Berri opened up their home and garden to members of our corps/church by way of getting to know everyone, and what a delightful afternoon it was, pleasant company, happy conversation
and masses of lovely food, especially the cakes!

Callum & Berri proved to be convivial hosts and everyone enjoyed themselves as the photographs show.

August 2014

Installation of Lieutenants Callum & Berri McKenna

Callum and Berri Installation Callum and Berri Installation Callum and Berri Installation Callum and Berri Installation Callum and Berri Installation

The hall was packed for the installation of Lieutenants Callum & Berri McKenna by Major Denise McGarvey.

Berri's testimony took us on a guided tour "Through the Keyholes" of all the houses she has lived in and then how her spiritual journey has progressed.

During his sermon based on 1 Samuel 7, Callum produced a large box filled with very large stones and encouraged the members of the congregation to build Hythe's own Ebeneezer.

July 2014

The Farewell of Captain Karen, Ana & Josh

Karen AnA And Josh Farewell

The farewell of Captain Karen, Ana & Josh was made even more special with the surprise appearance of Phil, in full RAF uniform.
The corps has experienced steady but sustained growth during their eleven year stay. The community of Hythe place on record their thanks to Phil & Karen for all they have done for Hythe.

We pray God's blessing on the Layton Family as they start a new and exciting chapter in God's plan for them.

July 2014

The Shepway Community Choir Concert


The Shepway Community Choir,(MD Wes Carroll) entertained a packed hall to an excellent evening of music, ranging from Gospel - to a medley from Les Miserables.

Guest soloists Nathan Cripps and Emilie Margott added variety with their singing and baritone solos, respectively.

June 2014

ShepwayCommunityChoir2014Wes ShepwayCommunityChoir2014Nathan ShepwayCommunityChoir2014Emilie

Easter 2014

EasterPeople2014 EasterFront2014 EasterCross2014

It is now a tradition that on Good Friday we hold a united service with the South Kent Community Church,Cheriton Baptist Church and ourselves. Despite a lot of folk being away, our church was packed for our Easter Day celebration led by Captain Karen, who was also responsible for the delightful floral display which helped to create an atmosphere of New Life.

April 2014

Palm Sunday Celebrations


Our Celebration this morning led by Captain Karen involved the congregation in setting off "party poppers" hope you can see them, - a good happy atmosphere.

The songsters gave a great energetic performance of "Resound in Praise"

Let the sanctuary
Be filled with Your glory
We lift our voices up in praise
Let the sanctuary
Be filled with Your glory
Each instrument resound in praise.

and the band played the March "Bognor Regis" with the chorus -

Life is a song when you walk with Jesus,
Talk with Jesus, work for Jesus;
Life is a song when you live for Jesus
And your heart's in tune with him.

April 2014

Mothers Day 2014

Mothers Day 2014

The sun shone brightly on the mothers in Hythe on their special day. The flowers looked great with vibrant colours and here are a few photos of "Mums" receiving their flowers from either their own children or some borrowed children for the day. A splendid Mothers Day meeting led by Captain Karen.

March 2014

Farewell to Captain Phil

Captain Phil Farewell

On Sunday March 23 2014 an 11 year chapter in the life of Hythe Corps came to an end when Captain Phil Layton farewelled to pastures new. He will commence training to become a Padre in the RAF, on secondment.

These past 11 years have been good years for Hythe Corps, and also for the community covering the whole of Romney Marsh and beyond. The stability within the frame work of the church has been strong and our average attendance has grown from 20-25 to 75-80. Under Phil's guidance we have become a Bible Teaching, music loving church with a relaxed yet reverend form of worship. Phil has also been a great supporter of our music groups, using them to enhance our worship.

The four YouTube links are just a sample of some of the music used in Phil's final meeting. Phil requested the band to play the march "Bargoed"; the songsters to sing "It is well" and one of the congregational songs "We believe"written by Phil with music by Wesley Carroll. Finally we concluded with the doxology "Praise God I'm saved" you will notice the congregation turning and facing the doors for the second time through, a tradition started by Phil with the message being sung to the passers by. God bless you Phil and thank you. Captain Karen now takes over the reigns until her farewell in July.

Captain Phil would like me to include his message... Thanks Richard - this morning was exactly what I needed it to be, and hopefully it was what the corps was hoping for too, but equally important is that it produced another good advert for any new folk! Thank you so much for preparing and leading it, for the fabulously thoughtful and generous gifts, and for always helping make Sunday morning worship the source of renewal, fun, and reverence that it needs to be. I think the book idea is terrific - and I'm sure it'll build as the weeks go by.

March 2014

The Salvation Army Hythe, Morning Worship

Hythe Salvation Army March 2014

If you have never been to the church service at Hythe Salvation Army before, and wondered what we all look like (!),
then this photo gives you a glimpse at some of our church members...
...we are from all different walks of life, but together we are one growing spiritual family who love to worship God in a relaxed-yet-reverent style, with good music, good humour, solid Bible teaching and good company.

March 2014

Salvation Army Football club Senior Team v Veterans Team

Veterans Seniors

After a couple of years since the last opportunity to play each other, our senior team and veterans team played a great game together at South Road which will help the senior squad maintain their fitness in their ongoing battle within the East Kent Church League as well as aid the veterans who in 2 weeks' time will be facing a team from Gloucestershire in the semi-final phase of National Church Veterans Football Cup competition.

The game was played in a terrific spirit, representing the Salvation Army well, with many onlookers, and recognising that both teams are a part of the one SAFC.

March 2014

Football for Kids

The Salvation Army Hythe Youth Football

What started out as 2 people kicking a ball around a park 7 years ago has now developed into a Salvation Army Church Football Club with 3 age groups.

We have the Senior squad (16+) which plays in the East Kent Church League, We have the Veterans squad (35+) which plays in the National Veterans Football Cup as well as ad hoc friendlies and we have our after-school Youth Football (8 - 15yrs) with over 24 regular players too!

It is all an excellent avenue of Sports Ministry, building bridges between church and community, providing pure, fair football within a Christian environment.

March 2014

KidZone Prizes

KidZone Sunday school Salvation Army Hythe 2014

It was the annual KidZone Prizegiving Sunday, when the children from KidZone (Sunday school) receive gifts from the church to encourage them and let them know how loved and cherished they are as a part of our spiritual family.

The gifts tend to be books, CDs, or DVDs aimed at stimulating their desire to read the Bible and think about God.

The theme of the service was on Jacob's son Joseph and his relationship with his brothers. He went through some hard times, but God used it all for His glory.

February 2014