The Salvation Army
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What We Do

The Salvation Army, as a Christian Church and social welfare organisation, tries to meet human need wherever it’s found without discrimination because it’s what our Faith in Jesus compels us to do. As such if you can think of a type of human need there’s a strong chance that, somewhere in the world, The Salvation Army is trying to combat it! In the U.K. there are a whole portfolio of projects including homelessness centres (called ‘Lifehouses’), detox and rehabilitation centres, food and clothing banks, a family tracing service, debt advice, job clubs, work schemes, social enterprises, older people’s day and residential services, children’s clubs and camps amongst a whole host of other programmes.

Each Salvation Army Church and Community Centre, we call them Corps, tries to reflect the needs of the community it finds itself in. These pages provide details of some of the regular programmes that we run locally here in Hythe. Aside from these regular activities, we are always willing to try and assist in times of difficulty in practical ways as and when needs arise.

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